Best Hookah Accessories

We have a wide range of hookah accessories that can improve your smoking experience. These include mouthpieces, hose handles, and grips, as well as shisha bowls, coal hookah burners, and more. Some of these accessories are a must-have for hookah enthusiasts, while others add some extra flair to your setup.

How many cigarettes does 1 hookah smoke?

A good place to start is by choosing a quality mouthpiece that fits your hose. You can choose from a variety of shapes and materials, such as stainless steel or rubber. A hose handle or grip is also a necessary accessory, and these can come in various sizes and styles. The most common type of hose grip is the velcro-type, which fits around the hose handle to provide some extra comfort and security. Source :

You can also buy a new set of tongs to make it easier to manage the coals in your HMD or the charcoal holder. These are slim in design, allowing you to grab and lift coals easily and slide them into the vents of your HMD.

A molasses catcher is another important hookah accessory to consider, as it prevents the water in your hookah vase from becoming dirty. It also helps the smoke from your tobacco retain its flavor, making for a better smoking session. A wind cover is a handy accessory to keep in mind as well, as it keeps the wind from blowing on the coals in your bowl tray and affecting their heat.