Custom Printed Acrylic

Custom printed acrylic gives a sleek, sophisticated look that suits classy business and cozy home settings alike. The glass-like finish of the print catches light and diffuses it evenly over the entire image.

How long do acrylic prints last?

Various thickness options (from 1/8′′ to 1/2″) and mounting options make the print a versatile choice for any wall space. The thickness, type of acrylic and paper, and hanging cleat determine the finished product’s appearance and durability.

UV Direct Acrylic

This process uses advanced printing technology to print photos directly onto the clear surface of acrylic. It is an ideal solution for photos with clear/blank areas or white inks and offers the durability of UV printing while giving the flexibility to hang the acrylic print using stand-offs.

Face Mounting

The face-mounting process is a more complex printing and mounting process that uses archival-quality photo paper and a protective PVC foam board, Dibond, or acrylic sheet to preserve the print. The face-mounting process requires a higher level of attention to detail and is more expensive than normal acrylic prints.

Different acrylic types and finishes are available, including non-glare and matte. The latter can reduce reflections and glare, but it may dull colors and sharpness in the final print.

Photo Blocks

Acrylic photo blocks are thick acrylic blocks that hold photos and create an interesting 3D effect. They can be hung on a shelf or desk, adding color and depth to a room’s decor. They are also a great gift for loved ones and are sure to bring joy to any recipient.