Magic Mushrooms Dispensary

magic mushrooms dispensary

The storefronts are hard to miss. In the heart of Toronto’s busy downtown, a rainbow-shiitake mural decorates the front of Fun Guyz, while in Kitchener, Ontario, a mushroom painting adorns a storefront for Zoomers, a small business that recently opened to cater to customers seeking the psychedelic drug known as psilocybin.

Despite being in places like Denver and Oakland, magic mushrooms remain illegal on the federal level, considered Schedule 1 drugs alongside heroin, meth and LSD. But the mushroom shop openings reflect a growing public appetite for psilocybin and the mind-altering effects it can have.

The Role of Set and Setting: How Environment Influences Magic Mushroom Experiences

As more people turn to psilocybin to treat conditions like anxiety and PTSD, companies with names such as Cann — a buzzy cannabis-infused company that has investments from Rosario Dawson and Nina Dobrev — are stepping up efforts to make the substance easier to find and use. But while legalization could increase safety, experts say buyers should proceed with caution.

Even though some retailers have a “honeypot” system in place, which tracks purchases online, the risk of getting caught by police is still high. And buying from street vendors outside of decriminalized regions can lead to a serious felony charge. For those who aren’t ready to try the wild variety, a few options for legal magic mushrooms include purchasing psilocybin-infused drinks from dispensaries, connecting with therapists with experience in using hallucinogens or finding kits online for cultivating the drug at home. Those seeking the experience of a lifetime should also know that the drug can trigger intense hallucinations, and they are encouraged to seek out new visuals and sounds to distract themselves when those visions are uncomfortable.