Microdosing Montreal – Can Microdosing Help Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues?

microdosing montreal

Microdosing montreal  idea that people can use small doses of psychedelic drugs to treat depression, anxiety and other mental health problems is gaining traction around the world. Michael Pollan recently wrote about an old friend who has found significant relief from her depression after microdosing LSD. And in 2021, a group of Stanford University researchers reported that microdosing with the powerful hallucinogen DMT was associated with reduced depressive symptoms and increased levels of happiness, meaning this form of psychoactive drug consumption may have real therapeutic potential.

Mindful Microdosing: Navigating the Landscape in Montreal

But there are risks with microdosing. While the word microdosing may sound intimidating, the principle behind it is actually fairly straightforward. The term “micro,” derived from Greek, simply means small. And when used in this context, it’s generally referring to a very low dose of a mind-altering drug like psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms).

In Canada, where the pandemic is still going strong, more and more women are turning to microdosing — or at least trying to — to ease their depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. CBC’s Nick Purdon hears from Canadians who swear it works, and the scientists trying to find out why.

One woman, an integrative therapist named Ariel (not her real name), says she began microdosing psilocybin to help deal with the stress of parenting after her divorce. She says it’s made a huge difference, and she’s now on the hunt for new ways to help her clients do the same. She and other moms are flocking to a Toronto-based online store called Mush Luv. The company sells magic mushrooms, which are illegal to grow and possess without a permit in Canada.