The Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

watersoluble cbd

CBD is one of 113 water-soluble cbd that can be found in the cannabis plant and is most well-known for its antiepileptic and anxiolytic properties. However, there are many other benefits associated with this non-psychoactive compound that has been shown to have a positive impact on the body, such as reducing pain, balancing the immune system, and improving sleep quality. It also acts as an antagonist that blocks or deactivates certain G-protein-coupled receptors (e.g., 5-HT1A serotonin receptors and several TRPV ion channels).

Many of the CBD products available in the market today come in oil form as tinctures and capsules. When the body ingests an oil-based cannabinoid, it has to first pass through the liver before entering the bloodstream. This is called the first-pass effect and limits the bioavailability of the cannabinoid to only a small percentage.

Water-Soluble CBD: Unlocking Enhanced Absorption and Potential Benefits

When a CBD oil is infused into water, the cannabinoid becomes water-soluble, meaning it can be easily absorbed by the body. This means the onset is much faster than with oil-based products.

This makes it easier for infused beverage and food producers to incorporate CBD into their products, such as sparkling water or gummies. Incorporating CBD into these types of products provides consumers with an accurate dose, a smooth taste, and a predictable experience. This is particularly important for a product that relies on the entourage effect, which is achieved when all the different cannabinoids in the plant work together to provide the maximum benefit.