The Dangers of Nail Salons

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Many people are picky about where they get their nails done — fearing that unclean tools can spread fungus or that a manicure could damage the natural nail bed. But what’s less well-known is that the risks to salon workers themselves can be just as serious. From rashes and asthma to chemical burns and potential reproductive problems, there’s a lot more at stake than a set of pretty polish-free fingers. Read more

The “Big Three” chemicals feared in nail salons are toluene, which can damage the nervous system and reproductive organs; formaldehyde, which can trigger asthma; and dibutyl phthalate, which can cause rashes and interfere with sexual organ development in male fetuses. Almost all nail polishes and remover contain these substances, as do artificial nails and human nail filings. In addition, salons often use air-conditioning that blows polish and acetone vapours into the air. The good news is that a few easy changes can significantly lower the dangers: Spring-loaded bottles for polish remover reduce the amount of liquid that escapes, and tilted nail tables help minimize exposure to the chemicals.

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