How to Check Mobile Number is Active Or Not

how to check mobile number is active or not? The simplest way to check whether a mobile number is active or not is to call it. If the number is active, it will ring normally. If it’s inactive, it will either go to voicemail or not answer the phone. Similarly, if you send a text message to an inactive number, it will not be delivered and you will receive a prompt that the message did not get through.

How do you know if the number is still active?

You can also use third-party tools to confirm a phone number’s availability. These tools monitor or track a phone number’s usage across multiple eCommerce platforms and other online sources to validate its availability. These tools can also provide other information about a phone number including its carrier, owner, and location. Some of these third-party tools are available for free while others have paid subscriptions.

In addition, you can try searching for the mobile number on Facebook to see if it is associated with a profile or fan page. If the phone number is associated with a person or page on Facebook, it’s likely that the number is active. This method is more time-consuming than other options, but it’s a good way to quickly verify that a phone number is active. You can also consider using a phone validator, which is a software application that allows you to validate and identify the type of device a number is connected to. This can be particularly useful for marketers who want to avoid calling inactive numbers and wasting their resources.