Malicious URL Scanner API

Detect low-reputation domains, phishing, malware, and suspicious URLs with a URL Scanner API. This real-time solution can be integrated into your SIEM or SOAR platform to provide an enhanced threat intelligence feed. It features a variety of data points to help with your decision making such as risk score, recent threat info, and live data analysis.

URL Scanner API

The Malicious URL Scanner API is powered by the IPQS blacklist registry database and uses a powerful combination of algorithms to provide an accurate assessment of a URL’s reputation. It also offers a wide range of other valuable information about the URL including status code, content type, and web server name.

This free tool scans a web page for embedded malware and other threats by checking it against multiple blacklists and security scanners. It provides users with a complete report of all found threats and recommends actions to take to mitigate the risks associated with the compromised webpage.

One of the most common and obvious processes to automate is analyzing URLs sent to employee or customer abuse inboxes. By integrating Tines with a variety of URL scanning tools such as Criminal IP, you can streamline this process by eliminating manual steps and ensuring consistency.

Using Tines’ HTTP Request Action, you can connect to any external tool with a consistent and secure connection. This ensures you have access to the latest and most relevant threat intelligence for your specific environment. In addition, Tines can parse API definitions (JSON files) as part of a custom scan, allowing you to leverage the functionality and accuracy of other tools without needing to install them in your environment.