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5 Tips To Furnish And Decorate The Children’s Room

Are you thinking of giving a new air to the small room of the house ? Here we propose 5 tips to make it perfect …

1. Full color

While it is true that light colors bring luminosity to any space, you have to lose your fear of color when it comes to children’s rooms. The striking tones convey vitality and joy and you can subtly introduce them with some furniture elements, such as chairs or tables, which will add a fun touch to the room.

2. The power of imagination

You must bear in mind that the children’s room is not just a room, it is also a small universe where your little one is king. To cultivate and strengthen their imagination, nothing like including fantastic elements from fairy tales to make them feel at ease in their own magical space.

3. Positive messages

Reinforcing and strengthening children’s self-esteem is also possible by decorating their bedrooms . Hanging posters or stickers with phrases of optimism and affection is a very effective way to create pleasant environments for the little ones and to make them feel happier.

4. Utility and resistance

Children are unruly and curious by nature and, many times, furniture is experienced – and suffers – in the first person. Choosing furniture made of resistant and robust materials is a safe bet so that they last for many years and survive the childhood of the little ones.

5. With an eye on the future

Children, for better or for worse, are not always children. If you are a father or mother, you will know first-hand how fast they grow and how small everything is quickly. A good way to avoid redoing your bedroom, from head to toe, is to go for timeless furniture that will serve you both as children and adults.

3 Style Notes To Decorate A Bathroom

The bathroom is a small and functional space, a private area that is not usually accessed by visitors. Therefore, it is usually the last place in the house that receives attention. However, the bathroom is also the easiest space to decorate, since it only requires a few accessories to provide warmth and achieve a current look.


Tiles, glass or mirrors are cold materials that are usually found in bathrooms. For this reason, these spaces cry out to be decorated with accessories made of warm materials and soft textures that balance the intrinsic hardness of this room.


1. Natural wood stools and accessories


Wooden stools, in addition to being great in any bathroom, also have a functional value . They are a very useful support element to leave clothes before and after bathing or to have everything you need in the shower or bathtub at hand.


Tip : To complete the decoration, the stools can be combined with other natural wood accessories, such as bath trays or exfoliating brushes.


2. Plant fiber mats and baskets


Plant fiber accessories add texture and warmth to any bathroom. The baskets are very useful in bathrooms to leave dirty clothes or to have all the bathroom accessories well organized.


Tip : Several baskets of different sizes and shapes can be combined under the bathroom counter or next to the shower , or bathtub, depending on their size and purpose.


3. Cotton textiles


Cotton is the favorite fabric in the bathroom. It’s soft, highly absorbent, and dries fast. Cotton towels are a great way to add color and soft textures to a bathroom.


Tip : Colors, sizes and designs can be combined in the same bathroom.


Some more notes …


The plants can also contribute to this natural effect in a bath, and add touches of color. The ideal ones for bathrooms are those that adapt easily to warm environments, with a high concentration of humidity, such as bamboo, orchids or aloe vera.


Finally, natural soaps, bath salts or candles grouped in trays, baskets or glass vases will give those finishing touches to the bathroom.